FAQs about the ekey bionyx system

Answers to questions about devices and administration

+ How does the activation of the ekey system work?

+ Why do I need an ekey bionyx account? Plus mode

For security reasons, the ekey bionyx account is required for registration. This means that your account is linked to the components (ekey fingerprint scanner and ekey control unit) and to the authorized mobile devices. An ekey bionyx account is required for anyone who makes changes or adjustments to the system – i.e. for system administrators and administrators. Persons do not need an ekey bionyx account.


+ How do I create a new person or administrator? Local mode, Plus mode

1. Tap on the “Persons” symbol in the menu bar.
2. Tap on “+” in the bottom right.
3. Decide whether you want to create a user or an administrator.
4. Follow the instructions.


+ How do I store a new finger? Local mode, Plus mode

1. Tap on the “Persons” symbol in the menu bar.
2. Select the desired person.
3. Tap on the “+” symbol.
4. Follow the instructions.


+ Can I select the Plus mode right away during activation? Plus mode

Yes, you can choose between Local mode and Plus mode during activation.


+ How do I activate ekey control unit extension modules?

1. Disconnect the ekey bionyx system from the power supply.
2. Remove the EXTENSION LINK from the back of the control unit extension module.
3. Plug the EXTENSION LINK into the left-hand side of the control unit extension module.
4. Push the ekey control unit DRM and the control unit extension module together.
5. Reconnect to the power supply. You can now configure the relays: How can I assign a function to a relay?


+ How many control unit extension modules can I connect to an ekey control unit DRM?

You can connect any two control unit extension modules to an ekey control unit DRM and configure up to 18 relays. ekey offers control unit extension modules with 2 or 8 relays.


+ I have a new ekey fingerprint scanner system. What are the first steps now? Plus mode, Local mode

1. Download the ekey bionyx app from the App Store or Google Play.
2. Start the app.
3. Establish the power supply for the ekey system. If the system is already powered, disconnect it for at least 10 seconds and then reconnect it. The devices are then in activation mode.
4. Follow the instructions in the ekey bionyx app.


+ What do I have to consider before activation? Plus mode

Some functions such as remote opening or sending push messages are only activated if your ekey system is connected to the internet. A stable, password-protected 2.4 GHz WLAN network with at least WPA-PSK2 encryption is essential in the wireless range of the front door. You can also set up activation via a hotspot on your mobile device. The procedure for setting up the hotspot can be found in the operating instructions for your mobile device.